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ConnectUp Media Agency is a place where Brands and People have space to make an impact using their influence. It starts with Relationships and not transactions. We teach you a new way, post this covid-19 pandemic to engage with your audiences in a way that will drive measurable results.




Boodie is the founder of ConnectUp Media Agency, an influencer marketing social impact agency which connects brands with influencer strategy and execution on ways to be socially and politically active to reach and communicate effectively with their audience. He is a social impact entrepreneur disrupting how influencers engage with brands. He is an Entertainment Philanthropist. He founded The Agency to share his knowledge and experience with others who want to learn about this unique marketing engagement strategy. He is passionate about how Influencers can play a genuine role in the social impact space that drives more people to be civically engaged and take action when necessary.

Boodie has been applying the power of influencer marketing since 2007, and as a corporate consultant since 2010. He is an international speaker and recognized as one of the top experts in the field by Talking Influence. Boodie has been featured in NPR, USA TODAY, Forbes, Harper Collins, Essence Magazine, and The Lean Startup to name a few. He currently sits on the board of The Impact Guild.

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